What is Travel Plan Plus?

Transforming how we commute, for good.

Travel Plan Plus is a not-for-profit consultancy service. We advise and support workplaces located in the Cambridge North area to implement and promote sustainable and active travel choices.

Since 2009, we’ve worked closely with three major key employment sites – Cambridge Science Park, Cambridge Business Park and St John’s Innovation Park – to reduce car use and encourage commuters to choose more sustainable transport options. 

Together, we’re creating a positive shift away from car travel for employees in the area. From our on-site service hub, we support over 200 workplaces every day, offering advice and support.

Our goal

A better way to commute

Our goal is to achieve Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority’s (CPCA’s) vision for the area: phasing out the use of cars that run on fossil fuels. We are aiming to achieve this by 2050 by working closely with employers to push towards sustainable transport initiatives.

Why it matters

Vehicle emissions contribute to an increase in the gases that speed up climate change and impact our planet. 

By partnering with employers across Cambridgeshire, to develop workplace travel initiatives that help decrease greenhouse gas emissions, we can have a real impact – from reducing congestion to tackling health issues. 

Transforming our collective commute requires us all to make small changes where we can, one journey at a time. 

Smart Journeys

Travel Plan Plus is a smart journeys partnership project to be proud of.

smart journeys provides knowledgeable advice, practical support, and innovative tools and services to help employers, new housing developers and education sectors to become leaders in sustainable mobility.

Working as consultants across Cambridgeshire and beyond, smart journeys provides and delivers in-depth travel plan and coordinator services, car park management strategies, travel to work surveys, marketing and engagement events, and more.

Becoming Travel Plan Plus

Travel Plan Plus started out in 2009 as a European Commission funded project set up to investigate how organisations in four locations across the EU could reap the benefits of larger travel plan networks. The other networks were developed in Hungary, Spain and Sweden.

Since July 2012, Travel Plan Plus has been self-funded from a combination of partner and planning fund contributions, and company service charges.

Since 2016, we have continued to support and work closely with Cambridge Science Park, Cambridge Business Park and St John’s Innovation Park to achieve their sustainability vision.