Engage for success

We work with our clients to embed positive organisational change and deliver long term sustainable success. Every year during the first week of October, we run our travel to work survey .

Our annual travel survey enables us to gather data to help you understand where people commute from and how. That way, we can support you to encourage those living nearby to walk, cycle or use public transport – reducing localised congestion, lowering demand for car parking and freeing up space for future expansion

Why take part?

Taking part in the Annual Travel to Work Survey can:

  • Enable you to form a baseline of commuting behaviours and establish what barriers and concerns staff face.
  • Give employees a voice and provide a platform to discuss any travel and transport related issues.
  • Identify areas that require the greatest improvement and scope opportunity for investment to meet the needs of staff and improve business.
  • Help you monitor and track trends, and measure and compare results, if carried out regularly.

Evaluate success

Travel Plan Plus team will work alongside you throughout the survey process and provide you with all the tools you need. We’ll design you an on-line survey to cascade to staff, develop a communication plan to engage and support you in delivery.

Once the survey data has been collected, we’ll analysis your results and monitor and track the success of your behavioural change initiatives. We’ll present you with a detailed report that provides insights to help you develop a strategic action plan.

Through our networks, we’ll also leverage the data collected to ensure local transport operators provide a service that meets commuters’ needs, as well as offering other sustainable options, like car sharing, e-bikes and e-scooters.